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 New & Improved Century Thunderbolt

The new 702 kit has been revamped with new instructions and now is completely laser-cut for precise alignment and accuracy of fit, providing for an even easier build.

The kit now includes the complete "Precision Running Hardware" package, manufactured by M.A.C.K. Products, which includes everything needed to finish the model whether for static or radio control.  A separate Power Package (702CE) is available from M.A.C.K. for R/C operation, as well as a Light Package (702L) for that added touch of realism.

702  1939 Century Thunderbolt

Originally built as a 2-liter race class boat, this beauty changed over the years to become a two person speedster.  It was a 15-1/2 foot stepped hydro that could go 50 miles per hour back in 1939.  This kit is a faithful reproduction of the "Chickie IV", a fully restored 1939 Thunderbolt one-step hydro, and one of the rarest "Thunderbolts" ever built.   

This double planked all wood model is made from all laser-cut mahogany, balsa and light plywood.  As with all Legend Model Boat kits, you get all the extras such as working engine hatch hinges, custom dashboard with gauges, windshield/deck gaskets, chrome plated custom castings, machined aluminum fittings, and a complete graphics set of the "Chickie IV" logo, name and numbers.   As always, we even include an easy to build stand.

 Additional photos and information are at:  www.legendmodelboats.com

Length: 31-1/2"                Beam: 10-3/4"                 Scale: 1/6  
Price:  $322.00                        Click Here to See an Actual Build of the Model

MACK Power Packages 702CE includes (1) #5045 Motor, (1) # 7300 Electronic Speed Control, (1) # UD-2 Universal, and (1) 7004 Y-harness.      Price:  $131.00    

MACK offers a Light Package 702L.  It includes one each of the following lights:  L13, L25, L30, and hook-up wire..  Price:  $36.50

                                                                                     7306-1 Brushless Motor System: Price:  $192.75

Boat stand which is included with your Thunderbolt kit.